Hi! I’m Tinkle. I’m glad you found me.

Welcome to my toothbrush hangout. I’m the best bamboo toothbrush around.

Between you, me and your family, we’re going to help save the world, ok?

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My mission is to help change the world one toothbrush at a time

(oh, and save you time and energy at the supermarket).

I’m the sustainable choice for brushing your teeth.

I’m a real people person.

Kids love me. Mums and dads do too.

You and I, we’ll be BFF’s.

I’m available on a subscription basis. I turn up right when you need me.

You’ll save time, the planet and boring walks down the toothbrush aisle.

Ready to be brush buddies?

Want to get to know me better first?

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About Tinkle

I’m the coolest subscription-based toothbrush on the market.

I’m here to change the world one household at a time!

You see, I care about our environment and right now, in Australia, 30 million plastic toothbrushes go to landfill every year.

My mission is to change that—and I’d love your help!


Buy Tinkle (instead of my plastic toothbrush relatives).

For yourself. For your family. For everyone!

You can register right now!

I’m non-toxic and sustainable. I’m also biodegradable. So when my job is done, I’ll feed the earth in a healthy way.


I turn up every 2-months (perfect for busy people) and I’m made for adults and kids (aged 4-10).

Oh, and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Cha-ching!


Another perk is I donate $1 from every toothbrush to grassroots community programs.

See? By brushing your teeth with Tinkle each day, you CAN change the world!

Meet Tinkle’s Creators

“Tinkle was born out of a love to give families, (including ours), a low cost, time-saving and sustainable option for something they use every day.”

Kate & Ben Cashman

Meet the Cashman’s. A tight-knit family of four, living in Tasmania, with love for the ocean, scuba diving and exploring the local bushland. The couple run multiple businesses between them, yet, despite leading full lives, they’re clear on what’s important to them in their home, community and globally.

Through Tinkle, Ben and Kate Cashman are doing their part in igniting environmental change and encouraging others to live more conscious and balanced lives.

The Cashman’s believe that sustainable living doesn’t need to be super-serious. They know that real change is born out of love and having fun! Which is why for their household (and yours) Tinkle represents simplicity and taking inspired action in a small, yet very impactful way.

We give back to our community

I believe you should always use your powers for good, not evil.

That’s why I started #tinkle4good and #grassrootsgiving.


By donating $1 from each sale to my community grants initiative, I’m spreading the Tinkle love so community organisations who are helping nurture and save planet earth (often without government grants or funding) can apply for small to medium grants to help bring their projects to life!


My bristle GPS is tracking down companies/groups or individuals who are:

•    teaching kids about being environmentally conscious

•    organising beach, bush and local area clean ups

•    finding new ways to turn waste into recycled material and reusable products

•    making new technologies to keep our planet green and clean


I exist to help THOSE people.

Know the next Captain Planet?

Know about an amazing group who could use a little bit of extra dosh?

Tell them about me, Tinkle! 

Formal applications ARE NOW OPEN for community grants of $500, $1000 or $2000. Click 'Get In Touch' below to nominate someone you feel could use a little extra help!


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so glad you have questions!

You’ve gotta be armed and ready when you’re about to change the world (and you are!).

If I’ve missed something below that you’re dying to know about, ask me here.

Is the brush 100% compostable?

The handle is 100% compostable. The bristles are made from nylon – which are BPA free. You can recycle those with your regular recyclables, but they ain’t for the compost. The only available biodegradable bristles on the market are made from boar hair—and I’m a vegan product so I didn’t like the sound or feel of that!

What do I do with the old toothbrush when I receive my new one in the mail?

1.  Cut off my head with garden tools and dispose (it’s okay I’ve reincarnated into your new toothbrush). Or pull out my bristles and chuck them into the recycling bin. Or if you’re really strong, snap my head off!! Then, plant my handle in your garden or better, your compost! I’ll biodegrade in about 6 months.

2.  If those options aren’t your thing, throw me in the rubbish. Wherever I go, I’ll break down naturally and WON’T hurt the earth!

Is the bamboo sustainably sourced?

It sure is. The Tinkle makers use MOSO (Phyllostachys edulis) bamboo. It’s the fastest growing variety of bamboo. It grows up to 1 metre per day. This makes it a great renewable resource. It also has antibacterial properties—see ya germies.

Can I choose my toothbrush colour?

At the moment, no. I’m working on this though!

I’ll be a different colour for everyone in your family. You’ll know I’m YOUR toothbrush by the strip of colour on my base. I come in six amazing colours: sunrise, skin, ocean, sea foam, sand and sky. You’ll get one of these all for you when I arrive!

Can I return the brush if I don't like it?

Absolutely. You can return me within 30 days for a full refund if you don’t want to change the world. I mean, if we’re not a good fit.

Can I buy just a single brush?

Not from the website, no. I’m subscription only. But I have a ‘Cancel Anytime policy’. Try me first and if you don’t like changing the world through Tinkle, you can cancel your subscription. Easy!

Can I gift a subscription for a friend?

You sure can. All you do is enter your friend’s details in the delivery section and yours for payment. After their ‘gift’ period ends they’ll need to update their payment details with us.

How old does my child need to be to use Tinkle?

Children aged 4-10 years old can brush with me. After 10 years old, I recommend the adult toothbrush (or earlier if you prefer your kids to have larger brushes).

Do the bristles come in soft, medium and hard?

We only have soft bristles – dentist recommended! Go with the flow. *winks*

How often does my Tinkle arrive?

You’ll receive me every two months. Your first order comes straight away. The following arrives on or around the 15th and 30th of the month, depending on when you placed your first order. You won’t need it more often than that - because we’re all about saving waste here, right?

Can I cancel my subscription?

You sure can. Anytime. Your subscription is bi-monthly, so you can just cancel before your next payment is due.

Do I need a brush holder?

Nope – I stand on my own. Cool, huh?! I also look really pretty lined up in a row.

How do I look after my Tinkle brush?

It’s not a good idea for bamboo to stay damp – it can get a bit yuk. I recommend lightly drying me off with a towel after brushing.

Tinkle Fact: My lifetime matches the lifetime of my plastic relatives.

How can I share my love for you Tinkle? And where are you on social media?

I absolutely LOVE seeing you smile!

Say hello on Instagram @tinkleco.com.au and Facebook  www.facebook.com/tinkleco.

Please use the hashtag #tinkletime. Tag me and go into the draw to win fabulous prizes and free months of Tinkle toothbrushes!

Who do you donate the $1 to?

The Tinkle Community Grant Program is a way for me to give back to smaller community organisations doing GREAT work across this fair country of ours. For every one of ME going into YOUR bathrooms, $1 goes straight to the grant account, ready for applications from you - our amazing community! 

As my reach grows and I’m brushing teeth in lots more homes, I’ll open up for applications four times per year. So if you need some money to run a great program, create an offering, or support your community in other ways, please apply. I exist to help you do that! 

If you or someone you know is doing some environmental work, you can nominate yourself—or them! That’s coming soon. First grants will be open just prior to September 2020.

What are delivery times like and can I track my order?

I normally take 2-5 days to arrive in your mailbox, but with COVID-19 stresses on the Australia Post network we are seeing Tinkle deliveries taking up to 2 weeks into some parts of VIC and NSW. I'm normally super quick making it to your home, but just be aware that the post network is a little strained at the moment. Thanks for your patience!

To keep costs down for you, we only provide tracked post on orders that include either toothpaste tablets or our floss containers.

If you are ever worried about your order, just contact us via our website.